Bodrum – The Beach

After Cappadocia, I was most looking forward to the beach on this trip. I have always heard that the southern coast of Turkey is truly amazing and it delivered. We rented a small flat/villa with an outdoor patio surrounded by lemon and lime trees.  The view was not great, but the time outside was very […]

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Sailors drinking Raki

Istanbul (Part 2) – Ortakoy

In planning our trip, we decided that Goreme might be a bit small for nightlife and chose to return to Istanbul for the weekend.  We returned to a “smaller” area of Istanbul (though still very Istanbul) called Ortakoy.  The locals enjoy the weekend market, crafts and bookshops along with the loaded Kumpir (stuffed baked potatoes) […]

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Night in Goreme

Goreme, Cappadoccia

After the city, the small town if Goreme in Cappadoccia was a welcome change. The town is popular for Aussie tourists as it is just about as far from Australia as it is from the States.  Many tourists from all over but still very comfortable and quaint. We love this place and imagine returning one […]

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James Joyce Irish Pub

Istanbul (Part 1)

Our first stop was Istanbul near Taksim Square and the famous Istaklal street. Istanbul is a city if 16-18 million people (NYC is about 9) so you can imagine the crowds and craziness of this city. There are tons of tourists as well!  Amidst the madness, we’ve managed to find moments of peace (like a […]

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